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Candle making recipes vary from the simple basics of wax and wicks, to wax, wicks, hardeners, dyes, oils and much more. Candle making in and of itself is a fairly inexpensive hobby to learn and enjoy. It can start out very cheaply as you learn the basics...

Candle making is considered as a creative art form that is used both for passion and profession. While some people opt for candle creation as their hobby, there are many candle makers who do it as a source of earning. Whatever be your reason, there is no..

Have you ever thought about using Tin Cans in candle making? The thought never crossed my mind until I read a ezine on crafting, and the author mentioned recycling items around the home in your crafting projects. Then the thought hit me like a ton of bricks...

Is candle making the right business for you? Many people now find themselves in a position to start their own home business after being laid off from a job, or even just because they have more time on their hands. They want to do something personal that..

If you are quite thinking on how to start your own candle business, the following sources of candle making supplies will relatively help. In fact, with just a few bucks, you can start your own enterprise and create lovely homemade candles. Minimal cost is all you need..

If you love candles like I do, then you have heard experts talk about the best wax for making candles. Some people prefer natural waxes and some prefer paraffin waxes. But for the most part, a candle-maker will favor one or the other. Although both of these..

Candle making is not at all complicated and candle making instructions can quite easily be followed. However, this involves an artistic element that you will obtain only from practice. You will need some wax, a few wicks, candle making molds and you are all set to make..

here are tons of different candle-making instructions online, and here are some tips to make your favorite recipe smell sweeter and burn longer, using all-natural ingredients. Beeswax Candles Beeswax is one of the best base materials that you can use to make candles, but often results in..

Candlemaking is an increasingly popular hobby. You’ll find it enables you to be very creative. Several people have been qualified to grow the hobby into a profitable business. Many individuals have commented about the similarity between candlemaking and cooking. Both are generally dominated by women. There is..

Many people are looking for unique candle making ideas and for good reason, when you have been making candles for as long as I have you start to develop a desire to create candles that are new and interesting. This is not to say that making the..

Making candles is fun and relaxing. While it does give you the opportunity to be creative, there are some basic candle making steps you need to follow to make the process flow well. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering..

Candle making can be a great past time, hobby, or business venture. While the supplies for candling making are remarkably inexpensive, the cost does start to add up over time. There are many ways you can cut back the..

Making candles can be great fun. Some people choose to take their love of this art and make money doing what they enjoy spending their time on. There are many areas of the candle making business you need to..

Making candles is a great hobby or business endeavor. Once you get the hang of it, the process is quite simple. For those who have the basics down cold, consider experimenting with the art of making hand dipped candles...

Container candles are a beautiful way to accent your home, especially the bathroom. To make your container candles look the best, choose glassware that is sturdy and has a simple design. You can purchase this glassware for a very..

Column candles are very similar to taper candles, but they are wider and usually shorter. The top of column candles isn’t pointed like on a taper candle. Instead, it greatly resembles the top of a volcano. Column candles are..

Chunk candles add a great alternative to the standard pillar candle of yesterday. These colorful candles add a vibrancy and life to them. Looking at chunk candles, they appear to be very difficult to make. However, just the opposite..

Candle Making is a fun hobby and enterprising business venture for others. There are basic supplies you need in order to make candles. All candles require three essentials – wax, wick, and a candle holder. Since candles can be..

The use of candles for light and heat is known to have existed in ancient times. The remains of candles have been found in the caves of France. It is believed that cavemen used them while painting and etching..

There are eight distinct candle making additives used in the candle making process. Some makers choose not to use them at all while others take advantage of what each type of additive has to offer to their candle making..

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