Wax For Candle Making

Choosing the wax for candle making is extremely crucial, as the wax serves as the main fuel for the candle to burn. There are a myriad of different varieties of wax available. Each variety has its own unique qualities. They type of wax you use, has a bearing on the appearance of the candle. It’s important to be aware of the melting point of the wax, as you need to pour the wax at that time. Basically the melting point can be referred to, as the temperature at which the wax starts melting.

Here are some common waxes that are used for candle making. Probably the most common wax used in candle making, is paraffin wax. This is actually a by product of crude oil. Paraffin wax is available in various different grades. The grades are separated as per their different melting points. Moreover paraffin is labeled as per their melting points. The lowest melting point can melt below 130 degree Fahrenheit. This paraffin is soft and is most often used for candles that are meant for containers. It’s tough to make molded or carved candles from this paraffin, as it’s too soft.

The paraffin that changes from solid to liquid state, has a melting point, which is medium level. The temperatures range from 130 to 145 degree Fahrenheit. It’s advisable to use this wax for pouring candles.

The paraffin that is apt for carved or molded candles is the paraffin that starts melting between 145 to 150 degree Fahrenheit, temperature. These are high level melting point paraffin, and the wax is much harder. It also burns for a longer time, than the other paraffins.

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When the berries of the bayberry are boiled, the substance that is produced is known as bayberry wax. This wax has its own unique fragrance, and is slightly green in color. The old fashioned type of candles are made from this wax. However it can be rather expensive, as it takes around 15 pounds of berries to produce, just a single pound of quality wax. This bayberry wax has a melting point of 118 degree Fahrenheit.

Another type of natural wax that has been used for many years is Tallow. Basically, Tallow is the fat of the animals such as pigs, sheep and cows. It is colorless. It’s soft and so is used to make candles in container. However, this wax is known to release some odd type of odor.

Soy wax, has become immensely popular these days, as its inexpensive, and is known for its clean burning properties. The melting point for soy fax is around 120 and 180 degree Fahrenheit. Soy has natural oils which mix well with scented oils. While making candles, this wax does not shrink much. Moreover you don’t need to do any tapping to remove air bubbles.

With its natural fragrance, Beeswax is preferred by most people. It can be quite expensive, however its many advantages outweigh the high costs. It burns slowly and does not release any smoke. It has a melting point of around 150 degrees. This Beeswax is best suited for creating candles which are not molded, as its rather sticky in nature.

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