Tips for Using Soy or Paraffin Candle Making Wax

Many people today are becoming do-it-yourself-ers.  Everything from car and home maintenance, to eating in instead of dining out, to sewing their own clothes.  Doing-it-yourself is not only economical, but also provides one with a sense of satisfaction.  This is true for the realm of home decor and design, and includes one of the funniest home-art projects around…candle making

When shopping retail for candles, quite often one may find themselves saying…”Well, I like the color…but it smells terrible” or “Well it smells great, but it really isn’t very lovely to look at”.  When you make your candles at home, you can create exactly what you want.  Whether it is an intricate work of art, or a simple pillar with the scent of sage, it is all in your hands.  The first step, is in choosing which is the right candle making wax for you. 

There are quite a few options when it comes to wax.  The two most popular of those options are soy wax and paraffin wax.  Both have their own unique qualities and people tend to stick by their favorites.  One of the aspects that draw many people to the use of soy candle wax, is that it is all natural made from the production of soybeans, while paraffin is a by-product of petroleum.  Some say that the paraffin wax is toxic when it burns, claiming that the soy wax will produce less soot.  However, as long as the wax is of a high quality…both soy wax and paraffin wax burns cleanly and efficiently.  

Both waxes are relatively inexpensive, when compared to another popular candle making wax, beeswax.  However, soy wax may be easier to work with when you are just beginning to make your own candles.  Soy wax comes in flake form, so melting the wax evenly is very easy to accomplish.  Depending on the style of candle you wish to create, you may decide to use a blend of the two.  Many candles available in the retail market today are a blend of soy wax and paraffin.

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In using just soy wax, you may find yourself limited to candles in containers…either votive candles or candles in jars and vases.  Paraffin is stronger and is perfect when used in making the taller, un-contained candles.  When the two are blended, you will get the strength of the paraffin and you will be able to create more of a variety of styles.

Two other kinds of candle making wax are being used more and more, those being gel wax and palm wax.  One of the nice aspects of these two waxes is that they both hold fragrance and when the candles are burned, the fragrance is released consistently and subtly.  They both too, are malleable and easy to work with, giving you freedom to create intricately designed candles.  And again, these both can be mixed with either soy wax or paraffin, or both.  By blending the different waxes together, you will gain the qualities of each wax in one candle.

Candle making is one of the ways in which you will not only save money, but you will have the freedom to personalize your home environment and show off your own artistic flair.  It is similar to having a house filled with original artwork…however, unlike a painting or a sculpture, you can light the candle and the fragrance will warm your home just as the lovely flames warm the atmosphere.

Source by Sally Stow

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