How to Make Candles For Fun and Profit

How to Make Candles books and web sites are popular with every age. Candle makers like you and me keep looking for tips that will turn our candles from everyday boring to positively awesome. “Awesome” will make our candle making crafts much more fun. “Awesome” will mean a candle business with much more profit.

Candle making how to advice on web sites may lack the practical experience of classes. We understand that, but we can get practical experience in our own workshops. What we want is a helpful source of great instructions.

Know-How Plus Teaching Ability

Candle making how to advice is best given by someone who knows the technique presented – and is a good teacher. It isn’t enough for the tip-giver to be a great chandler. He or she must also be a good teacher if you are going to gain fun and profit.

I recently read a candle making how to book in which the teacher gave step-by-step instructions. However, he led readers all the way to the step of pouring wax before remembering to teach the preparation of candle molds. That is definitely not a good teacher. Imagine standing there with hot melted wax in your pouring pot, looking at unprepared candle molds! How’s that going to work for you?

How To Advice Should…

Candle making how to advice should give you credit for knowing basic candle creation. It should offer tips that you don’t read everywhere.

Such advice should answer questions. It should give solutions that will help you create awesome candles and make money with them, if you wish. For example:

1. Room air quality: Did you know that the quality of air in your workshop can affect candles in several negative ways? A good tip about that would make a big difference between fun and frustration – between run of the mill candles and awesome candles.

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2. Wholesale: Did you know that you can get wholesale candle supplies free, or almost free? A good tip about that could make a huge difference in profits – between making more money and losing money in your work-at-home business.

3. Scent: Do you know the secrets that will make scented candles smell more fragrant without wasting your precious fragrance oil? The right advice on the subject of scents could put more fun and profit within your reach!

Here’s an example of good how to advice:

Challenge: Your candle comes out of the mold wearing what appear to be wax raindrops. The drops are stuck permanently to its sides. It is definitely not an awesome candle. You definitely could not expect to make money with it, unless you sold it as a rare “rainforest candle.” How can you avoid wax raindrops in the future?

How To Tip: Prevent wax “raindrops” when you re-pour wax into your candle after the initial cooling phase. Those “raindrops” were probably caused by overfill of the small crater that formed when the first wax cooled. The extra hot wax had no place to go, and slid down between the inside of the mold and the candle. It hardened there as “raindrops” on your otherwise awesome candle. Next time you pour that extra bit of wax to fill in shrinkage, pour carefully, and stop before it overflows.

Candle making how to books and advice articles are not difficult to find. Look for the best, and have more fun with your candle making crafts. Believe only the best, and see a dramatic increase in profits when you offer your awesome candles for sale.


Source by Anna Hart

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