Candle Making – How to Tips and Secrets

Candle making how to tips and secrets can make a big difference in your craft. Instead of only wishing you could make awesome candles, you can actually make awesome candles if you learn the secrets. Your creations need never again have tears dripping down their sides. They need never have bubbles in the middle, or huge flames if you learn certain candle making how to tips and secrets. Professionals use them, and there is no reason that you cannot use them, too.

Candle making how to tips serve you best, of course, when they apply directly to the project you have chosen. The following tips and secrets are useful for many, although not all projects.

Wax Tip

You will want to keep the air temperature in your craft room just right to avoid wax problems. Wax is happiest when the temperature hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius).

This candle making how to tip will help you avoid the tears and bubbles mentioned above. At proper air temperature, wax cools and hardens properly; neither too quickly nor too slowly.

Wick Tip

You will usually find, with a little detective work, that wicks are the culprits when your beautiful creations burn with too large a flame. Wicks should always be trimmed to one-fourth inch in length. Trim yours, and the flame should shrink to normal size.

If it does not, you may need to try this candle making how to tip: Use a thinner wick for your next project of that size.

Surface Tip

Pitted surfaces on your luminaries shout that your paraffin, beeswax, or soy was not hot enough when you poured it. It is not enough to make it melt completely. It has a temperature at which it pours best and gives you the best results.

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Candle making how to tip for this problem? Use a thermometer every time, even if you think you can estimate the temperature of the wax. Also, be sure you check the package in which your wax came. It should list the required temperature.

Fragrance Tip

Candle making how to tips and secrets are not limited to technical matters. This one, for example, gives you a way to improve luminaries that are made to resemble cookies. You know the ones I mean. They are made by cutting wax sheets with cookie cutters and then sandwiching them to create small chandelles.

Forget about fragrance oil for these projects. Instead, you can make your “cookies” delightful by dusting them lightly with spice from your spice rack.

Color Tip

You may want to create black for an “Over-the-Hill” birthday party or similar celebration. Every time you try, however, the results are disappointing. You just cannot seem to manage a black that looks like shoe polish or coal.

Your tip for black color is to begin with scraps of a variety of colored wax. Throw them all into the melting pot with your clear wax. Stir well until they melt. Then add your black dye, and you’ll be much happier with the results.


These are only a few of the candle making how to tips and secrets you will want. Take time to look for more, and use each one to get elegant, serene creations every time.

Source by Anna Hart

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