Candle Making Classes – Profitable Work-at-Home Idea

Candle making classes are a profitable work-at-home idea for those of us who love candles. You may already sell your awesome creations at craft shops and flea markets. You may have a small boutique or store front. Adding candle making classes to those efforts, or simply offering instruction without sales, can be a great source of extra income. Think about it.

Work-at-home is a growing business practice. Large companies are hiring more and more work-at-home employees, and many people who own their own businesses work at home.

Candle making classes provide opportunity for you to work at home and to own your own business.

Students in the Home

If you decide to hold candle making classes in your home, you will need to consider several things before you start.

· Class Style: You have a choice of class styles. On the one hand, you may decide to lecture to your candle making classes, demonstrating with your own tools and resources. On the other hand, you may want a class in which every student participates, getting hands-on experience as you teach. Candle making classes based on lectures require fewer resources. Those based on participation attract and keep many more students than do lectures.

· Space: Do you have a room large enough for a class? You may want to teach a dozen or so people in one class. If you plan to lecture with demonstration, you could seat students in your kitchen and demonstrate from your kitchen countertop. However, if you want students to participate with individual projects, you will need far more space, with a number of work stations.

· Equipment: Candle making classes based on lectures require only enough equipment to handle your demonstration project. Those with student involvement require much more. You may, of course, require that each student provide his or her own equipment.

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· Resources: You have a choice as to whether you, as teacher, will provide the wax, wicks, dyes, fragrances, etc. and pay for them from class fees. Or will you provide lists of supplies and have students bring their own?

· Insurance: Things can go wrong. You will need proper insurance to give instruction in your home. Before advertising classes, take time to visit your insurance agent and learn what you need.

· License: Business licenses differ from one place to the next. Your candle making classes are a business, and it is important that you apply for the proper license before getting started.

· Family: You want to consider your family, of course. If you have small children in the home, you will need a babysitter during lessons, even though you are nearby. You will have paying students, and it is only fair to give them your full attention. If you have older children, they will have to fend for themselves during lesson time.

Does that sound like a lot to consider? It is, and we haven’t even covered every detail. For example, you will want a way to check your students to be sure they are trustworthy if they are going to enter your home. You will want to put away certain items and pieces of information in your home that might make you vulnerable. Even if there are a lot of important matters, however, it is vital that you get off on the right foot.


Candle making classes can be a source of good money for those who build them the right way. In fact, well run candle making classes, added to retail sales of your personal creations, could build you a business worth as much as $50,000 a year or more!

Create a business plan and work out the details first. Then, only when everything has been decided, advertise. You can do it, but be sure you do it right.

Source by Anna Hart

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