Candle Making – Basic Equipment and Supplies That You Need

If you want to be a serious candle maker, you will need to have at least the basic candlemaking equipment and supplies. Whether you are planning to make this a hobby, or you want to be one of those entrepreneurial candle makers who are making money, you have to make use of quality candlemaking equipment and supplies. Not only will the quality candle making supplies be a good investment, they will also ensure your safety when you are making candles. Candle makers do not have to spend a lot, as the supplies needed include things that are often already owned.

The basic candle making supplies are the following:

o Candle Wax

Without the candle wax, your candle would not burn. You can choose from several different types of waxes: paraffin, beeswax, soy and gel wax.

o Wick

The wick allows your candle to burn longer and cleaner. There are three main types of wicks: flat-braided, square-braided and cored wicks.

o Candle holder

If you will be making a container candle, you will need an actual container that you can pour your wax into. You can make use of glasses, jars, cups or bowls as containers.

Other candlemaking equipment and supplies include:

o Heat Source

What you basically do in candle making is candle wax melting. You will need a heat source to be able to do that.

o Double boiler

Candle wax melting is done properly by using this equipment. This can be referred to as the melter. If you do not have a double boiler, you can improvise by placing a small pot inside a larger pot. Wax heats up easily, so an indirect method of candle wax melting is necessary. Also remember that after making the candle, pouring the wax from the boiler into the mold is done. You will have to devise a system wherein you can pour it safely.

o Thermometer and stir sticks or metal ladle spoons

To control the heat and melt the wax easily, make use of a thermometer and stir sticks. A thermometer is an important piece of the basic candlemaking equipment and supplies. Do not attempt to perform candle wax melting without one. Look for manufacturers of specialized wax thermometers intended for candle making. If not, you can make use of cooking thermometers.

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o Wick Clips

Wick clips, as one of the candle making supplies, are added at the base of the candle to make sure that it will melt until the last bit.

o Candle molds

Candle molds provide designs for your candles. A mold is what you pour your melted wax into. There are varied molds available in different styles. Manufacturers usually make candle molds out of plastic, glass, rubber, or metals including tin and aluminum. You can also make custom-made molds from household items.

o Dipping cans

This is a metal container into which you will be dipping your wicks. You can purchase dipping cans from local manufacturers, or you can improvise.

o Dyes

Dyes provide color to your candles, thereby making them more attractive.

o Scents or fragrances

Candle makers love to make use of scents to enhance the fragrance of their products. Fragrances can help you relax, as part of aromatherapy. Cinnamon, potpourri and vanilla are among their common choices of scents. An important thing to remember when adding scents is that for every 1 pound of wax, you need to pour 1 ounce of scent. Make sure not to overdo this though, as the resulting fragrance can be too strong.

On average, you can get all the candle making machines and supplies mentioned for about $100. You can also look for candle making kits, which contain small supplies of all the required items for candle making.

If you are a new to this, avoid getting frustrated by creating the basic and simple ones first. Candle making is an art; you have to learn to be creative and patient to be a good candle maker.

Source by Linda Hann

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