Candle Making And Decorating Ideas For The Christmas Season

Decorating your lounge and dining room at Christmas creates such a wonderful happy feeling and a flickering flame is so relaxing. Almost as good as that beautiful red wine as you sit down at night with the family and enjoy their company. Candle making and decorating is such a fun way to create that Christmas atmosphere.

There are lots of ways that Xmas candles can be arranged and displayed to their best advantage.

If you have made a candle and decorated it very elaborately you may not wish to clutter it with other items like holy leaves, pine cones, Christmas figurines and some of the other popular ways to set up a candle display.

Here are some ideas for you to create your very own homemade candle for Christmas:

use a gel wax and suspend tiny Christmas decorations or beads in the gel
take a ball candle which replicates a tree decoration and using a dimensional glitter glue put a pattern on the candle – often it is best to draw a pattern on paper first so that you get the design right before going straight onto the candle
if using the glitter glue paste on some craft stones which will catch the light and look just wonderful or glue on some other type of pretty decoration to be really festive
on pillar candles you can glue some Christmas pictures like a Santa, a tree or even a snowman
also on pillar candles you can glue on Christmas decorations and little metal decorations and glass trims would look wonderful
chunk candles look great at Christmas because you can use a white wax as your main wax and have red and green chunks in the candle
using much the same system you can use glass beads instead of wax chunks
make red floating candles and float them in a bowl of water with holly leaves floating on top or with glitter shapes floating on top
and of course there is the more traditional arrangements where you use a candle or some candles and make an arrangement to sit on a table or mantle piece with dried cones, ribbons and other festive trimmings

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I hope these ideas have helped in giving you an incentive to make your own candles for Xmas and share your own craft ideas with family and friends.

Some of these candle making and decorating ideas would be great for involving the kids to create that festive atmosphere around the home.

Source by Kaye Dennan

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